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Welcome to First Bible Baptist Church

Thank you  for visiting the First Bible Baptist Church website!

We invite you to visit our church services where you will enjoy the inspiring hymns and gospel songs composed by many old saints who walked closely with God. You will hear some of those songs on the audio recordings of our services.

At First Bible Baptist you will also hear clear and practical teaching and preaching directly from God's own words. You will find a warm and friendly environment that will encourage you and your family to learn how to live a fulfilling life on this earth that will ultimately bring rich reward for us and honor to God our Creator for all eternity!

In January several of our men attended the Maritime Baptist Men's Conference hosted by the Charity Bible Baptist Church of Moncton, New Brnswick. Along with the challenging messages by Pastor Doug Fisher and Pastor Richard Drmmond we had the priviledge of publicly standing and testifying for the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is a link to the video... http://youtu.be/A7bDFyePNg4

Last week some of or young people along with their parents attended Teen Thunder 2015, a wonderful youth conference hosted by Blessed Hope Baptist Church.here in Bridgewater, NS in spite of many unexpected hindrances...one being over a foot of blowing snow Tuesday night and Wednesday. Our main speaker, Rick Drummond from Lebanon, Ohio said he hasnt been in a youth meeting this good in 10 years
 Six young people were saved and others dedicated their lives to serve God. To God be all the glory...great things HE is doing!